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Tapper Triggered AGAIN Over Harmless Anti-C...

Dec 27, 2017No Comments

Jake Tapper is outraged yet again over a harmless anti-CNN meme retweeted by President Trump. Remember the last time liberals freaked out over an anti-Trump

Wife of Spy Firm Founder Bragged Fusion GPS...

Dec 27, 2017No Comments

The rumors are now being backed up with facts. GPS founder, Simpson, fabricated the whole fake Russian dossier story. 🇺🇸

United States Cuts United Nations budget by...

Dec 27, 2017No Comments

The UN has to learn the hard way not to screw with the US. Sunday evenings announcement that the United States has made a significant

Food stamp usage is at its lowest level sin...

Dec 27, 2017No Comments

1,300,000+ people have dropped off food stamp rolls since Donald Trump became President. Food stamp usage is at its lowest level since 2010.

So can Joy Villa can be a Scientologist AND...

Dec 27, 2017No Comments

So can Joy Villa be a Scientologist AND a Christian? No. Scientology and Christianity are 100% INCOMPATIBLE. If you don’t believe in heaven and hell,

Democrat Running For Congress Indicted In $...

Dec 26, 2017No Comments

A Democrat running for a U.S. House seat in Virginia has been indicted on charges of fraud, embezzlement and theft in connection with events that

Retailers Feel Shoppers’ Christmas Cheer

Dec 26, 2017No Comments

Retailers are enjoying some extra Christmas cheer. Fueled by high consumer confidence and a robust job market, U.S. retail sales in the holiday period rose

Venezuela’s Opposition Calls for Big Prot...

Jul 16, 2017No Comments

A woman with her face painted with Spanish words for; “Freedom, peace, don’t forget,” attends a vigil to honor the more than 90 people killed