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In 10 Years, Your iPhone Won’t Be a Phone...

Siri will be the conductor of a suite of devices, all tracking your interactions and anticipating your next moves It’s 2027, and you’re walking down

A Controversial New SEX Position

There is a new sex position that’s gaining traction, especially among millenials – its called the Cowpoke.The position, which is intended to give maximum comfort

What Time of Day Is Best for Boning?

New York Magazine’s Sex Lives: Last week the Sex Lives hosts learned what is the best age to have sex (32, when you are the

Media mogul Dmitry Itskov plans to live for...

Money can buy you immortality, according to the Russian internet multi-millionaire who is ploughing a fortune into a project to create a human that never

Government Funded Website Teaches Migrants ...

An explicitly illustrated new website from the German Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) targeting migrants gives life lessons in sex, including different positions, prostitution, and

Sharon Osbourne posts naked selfie

Naked selfies seem to know no age Television personality Sharon Osbourne joined the list of celebrities defending Kim Kardashian’s latest naked photo, and spiced things