Media mogul Dmitry Itskov plans to live for...

Money can buy you immortality, according to the Russian internet multi-millionaire who is ploughing a fortune into a project to create a human that never

Blue Origin Going to Space by 2017

KENT, Wash. (AP) — Private space travel company Blue Origin expects its first test flights with people in 2017, company founder Jeff Bezos said Tuesday

Hawking announces ‘biggest’ ali...

LONDON — World renowned scientist Stephen Hawking and entrepreneur Yuri Milner announced Monday an unprecedented $100 million project to determine if intelligent life exists elsewhere

End of Facebook?

F acebook ‘dead and buried’ as teenagers switch to WhatsApp and Snapchat – because they don’t want mum and dad to see their embarrassing pictures

China lands Jade Rabbit robot rover on Moon

By Paul RinconScience editor, BBC News website [wpsr_socialbts] China says it has successfully landed a craft carrying a robotic rover on the surface of the

Social Media ID’s Hacked

Photo: AP Photo/Paul Sakuma Hackers broke into popular sites such as Facebook, Google and Twitter, stealing nearly 2 million user names and passwords, CNN reported