Miley Cyrus in lingerie for Adore


iley Cyrus Touching Herself in Bra and Panties to Make Sweet Music

By Bill Swift

There’s been the usual backlash against Miley Cyrus for rolling around in her underwear and touching herself in her latest music video, Adore You. I read a fanpage where girls were lamenting how Miley’s exhibitionism detracted from the musical artistry evidenced n her song. I suppose this is one of those Mars-Venus things, because I’m not understanding that argument in the least.

Quite the opposite. For I watch Miley videos with my earbuds pumping out Deep Purple tracks, and I only watch to see what kind of spectacle the little minx will put on this time. That is the show, imho. And in Adore You, Miley puts on yet another grade-A show. She may not be my vision of female perfection, but she’s very very good at this sextastic attention game.