Not News… Islamic State Brutally Executing Gays and Adulterers

By Tom Blumer

The nation’s establishment press is virtually ignoring the existence of horrifying and officially approved Islamic State videos showing the executions of accused homosexuals and adulterers. A search this morning at Google News on “Islamic State gay” (with “Islamic State” in quotes, showing duplicates) for items appearing since January 14 returned 83 results. Roughly 30 of them are directly relevant, and almost none are from U.S. establishment press outlets. As usual, the British tabloids and new media outlets are ahead of the game. Here are several paragraphs from the U.K. Daily Mail’s coverage (bolds are mine):



Thrown to death… for being gay: Expert argues ISIS’s latest abomination betrays radical Muslims’ new thirst for killing in the name of justice

  • Horrific punishment for ‘homosexual activities’ shown in grisly new IS clip
  • Masked IS fighter seen bundling two blindfolded men off the top of a roof
  • The victims, presumably killed, land 100ft below in front of all-male mob
  • Events took place in Mosul, third largest city in Iraq, now under IS control

The depraved, sadistic horror of the latest videos and photographs posted on the internet by Islamic State (IS) is almost impossible to contemplate. They show two men bound and blindfolded as they are manhandled to the edge of a rooftop parapet. Their only ‘crime’? To be gay.

A masked IS fighter announces into a microphone that the two prisoners have ‘engaged in homosexual activities’ and must be punished in accordance with Islamic, Sharia law. In the square about 100 feet below, a large, all-male mob has gathered.

Then the grisly carnival proceeds as, one by one, the men are thrown from the roof. A still shows one victim in a sitting position, mid-flight. In another, both lie on the ground motionless, presumably dead.

Then there is a video sequence which, if possible, is more shocking. A woman shrouded in a black burka is dragged across a sandy area, pulled by a white cord tied round her waist. Her voice, punctuated by terrified, breathless gasps, can be heard pleading with her captors.

Then, in a grove of dusty trees, the fighters hurl large rocks at her. The final image shows her body covered by a tarpaulin. Her supposed ‘crime’ is said to have been adultery.

8Brutal Scenes from Syria - ISIS ISIL DAESH

… Homosexuality is a capital crime in Islamic countries including Iran, Northern Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan. Capital punishment can be applied for adultery in Afghanistan, Iran, Northern Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and the UAE.