Kelli Ward For US Senate

For years Arizonans have been looking for a viable alternative to Senator John McCain. Now, they may have their chance to vote him out of


Trump To Shack Up World!

The increasing possibility of a Trump presidency is feeding nations’ worries about everything from the continuation of their trade deals to military ties with the


What Time of Day Is Best for Boning?

New York Magazine’s Sex Lives: Last week the Sex Lives hosts learned what is the best age to have sex (32, when you are the


Time To Give Up Oreos

Nabisco Ships 600 jobs to Mexico. I may have to give up one of my longest-standing indulgences: the dunking of an Oreo cookie in cold


Media mogul Dmitry Itskov plans to li...

Money can buy you immortality, according to the Russian internet multi-millionaire who is ploughing a fortune into a project to create a human that never


Mike Ditka Pulled From Sunday NFL Sho...

Not so much as a week has gone by since ESPN’s Mike Ditka offered the opinion (correctly) that Barack Obama is ‘the worst President we’ve


Soros To Build A Wall Around Latino V...

Soros and Other Liberal Donors to Fund Bid to Spur Latino Voters The billionaire George Soros and other liberal donors will bankroll a new $15


A New Year Is Born – 2014

Live New Years Celebration From Times Square Live streaming video by Ustream New Year’s Eve Celebration in Times Square since 1934 until 2011

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